INTEROPen CareConnect Base STU3 Implementation Guide
3.0.0 - CI Build

INTEROPen CareConnect Base STU3 Implementation Guide - Local Development build (v3.0.0). See the Directory of published versions

Care Connect Base STU3 Implementation Guide


This implementation guide is provided to support the use of FHIR®© in the context of England.

This document is a working specification that is expected to be implemented and tested by FHIR®© system producers to enable feedback to improve the content of this guide.


This document presents concepts for use in England defined via FHIR processable artefacts; these are collaborative outputs with agreed approaches to varied kinds of healthcare related information based on the core FHIR STU3 specification.

  • Profiles - are useful constraints of core FHIR resources and datatype use in England.
  • Extensions - are FHIR extensions that are added for local use, covering concepts needed in England.
  • Terminologies - are defined or referenced in code systems, value sets and concept maps for the context of England.
  • NamingSystems - represents a “System” used within the Identifier and Coding data types, e.g. NHS Number.


This document is a working specification that may be directly implemented by FHIR®© system producers.

Information contained in this document is aimed at providing guidance on representing concepts local to England using FHIR. This includes code systems, extensions and profiles on base FHIR types. The content of the IG is general in nature and seeks to provide a ‘how-to’ guide when representing concepts, it includes core base profiles that can be further constrained for a particular usage.


This guide is the product of collaborative work undertaken with participants from:

Support and Issues

There are several ways to provide feedback or ask support questions.